Health and fitness is a BILLION dollar industry. I would know, I have spent a lot of time and money in this very sector.  After losing 100lbs after my second baby, and making a ton of friends at my local gym, I found myself in a world that I have never been in. I expanded my knowdledge by becoming IFTA certified in group exercise, spin, and personal training. Later I added Y-Change nutritional coach and Mossa Group Centergy to the resume. Well much like the rest of the world, Covid came and shut things down. My everyday life is different now, from homeschooling the kids to personal taining a few clients, but I still find my own personal health and wellness journey to be important. My perspective on it is much different though. Truthfully I may not be at my skinnest, but I do have a great balance of happy & healthy right now. I wanted to share my own trials, victories, and everything that happens in between with people in hopes that I can inspire somebody. So enjoy the ride!

Golden Years

Hi Friends! I do hope you are doing well.  I have officially finished week 4 of this half marathon training block. My long run this past weekend was 7 miles. So far nothing to traumatic has happened. We have had couple days these past couple weeks with heat advisories, so that has made some of the other during the week runs interesting. They always say hot slow miles, make fast easy cooler miles. So, we will see if it pays off having a training block in the middle of summer. 

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What are you doing, and WHY?

Why can't that be me? The most common question I believe the world asks themselves while mindlessly scrolling on their phones. Follow my journey from half marthoner to marathoner and what I learn about myself during the process.

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