Golden Years

Published on 14 August 2023 at 15:00

Hi Friends! I do hope you are doing well.  I have officially finished week 4 of this half marathon training block. My long run this past weekend was 7 miles. So far nothing to traumatic has happened. We have had couple days these past couple weeks with heat advisories, so that has made some of the other during the week runs interesting. They always say hot slow miles, make fast easy cooler miles. So, we will see if it pays off having a training block in the middle of summer. 

Water Tip:

Did you know it takes 64 oz of water for just basic good organ function. That is not even including sweating or being out in the heat. Water is so boring, but so vital to just our overall wellbeingSo, check in with yourself and your water intake. You will be amazed just how much better you will feel if you were properly hydrated. I personally struggle getting enough water in, as I am not a thirsty person. I have to be mindful of my daily water.  I encourage you to take a day and actually add up how much water you are drinking, is it truly enough?

Here is something that I am struggling with during this training season. October will be my 3rd half marathon but 2nd in this series of races. I find myself comparing my current fitness level to my past fitness levels. IT IS FRUSTRATING!! I was never athletic as a child or in high school. I didn't get into fitness and health until after my second child. I started with at home workouts then joined the YMCA when I wanted to start taking fitness classes.  Well, that grew into me teaching the fitness classes among several other roles I had at the gym. I was teaching over 10 classes a week, plus doing my own personal strength training. I was by no mean the apex of fitness, I didn't have a 6 pack, nor was I an elite runner.  I did have muscle definition and could run a 5k in 25 minutes.

Well, I guess you could say those were my golden years. That is not my current situation. I am SLOWER! THICKER! FOR SURE LESS DEFINED!  I get so frustrated that I just can't push myself at that level right now, and who knows maybe never again.  NEWSFLASH MEGHAN, WHO CARES!  I am a healthy, very active work from home, home school mom and wife now. Am I a sponsored runner with dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That is a firm no for me. So, what does it matter truly if I'm not in the absolute best shape. Sometimes I think people give up on their own personal health journey because it simply isn't perfect.  Yes, I think it is awesome to set goals, but it will never be a linear path to achieve those goals. So just enjoy the journey. My journey now is to complete the coastal marathon series with these back-to-back 13.1's then a full marathon (26.2 miles, I know!) in March. Who know, i may never run again after these races. That would be okay too.  Plus, there is no rule that I have to run a fast pace. Well, there you have it folks, I am proclaiming it. I will cross these finish lines at whatever time I feel like that day, and I will do it with a sense of accomplishment not insecurity.

We can either own our journeys or let them own us. It's a choice. 

Is your past fitness level holding you back from your current health journey?


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