You're Not a Tree

Published on 14 August 2023 at 14:02

I have been a stay-at-home mom now for about 14 years. My oldest daughter just turned 15 years old, and I was a hairstylist when she was born.  Though at the time she was born I was a new stylist who just graduated from cosmetology school. When you are fresh out of school you really don't have a huge clientele list other than family and close friends, so to build that kind of career you really had to work long days and just about every night. So my husband and I decided well it just didn't make sense to pay for childcare then be gone even at night when he was home. So, we mutually decided to make the sacrifice for me to come home. We don't regret that decision EVER! Well, we added another daughter to our family, and I have been home schooling them going on 4 years now.  I no longer cut hair other than a couple close family members and my household and that is OK! Those dreams of when I was 18 of being some hot celebrity stylist doesn't excite this 36-year-old mom anymore

Of course, over the years I have tried different direct sales companies, multilevel marketing ideas, and even a couple entrepreneurial l ideas. Some went great and some folded quicker than a cheap napkin in a hurricane.  My mom always told my sister and I, "What's the worst that can happen, are they going to take away your birthday?" Well, she was right, nothing actually happened.... Life moves on and now I can look back and say "well, there's that!" My husband's mindset is always, " As long as you make your initial investment back" :) Which I always did.  So, there you have it friends...  2 great pieces of advice, so now what?

 What is really holding you back from trying something new? What is the actual problem of stepping out into the world with a new idea or passion. 

Maybe just simply FEAR. The fear of what if this doesn't work. Fear of what if I suck at it. Or maybe the fear of what if I'm successful... ever thought about what it would be like if you actually succeeded?

I admit, I can find a new passion just about every year. There are people who could call me a fickle person, or even say, there she goes trying something new because she failed at the last thing.  Let's change the perspective friends.  Think about how many opportunities you miss out on life not willing to learn something new. Isn't that the exact reason we send our children to school. If they knew it already then there would be no reason for it. We are not made to know everything about everything.  So why not see something that interests us and learn about it.  We have the great world wide web at our very fingertips. Have you ever looked up a how-to video on Youtube. We all have!  SO why not do that in our everyday lives and not just when the toilet breaks.

Let me get to the point... My point is we aren't trees. We aren't planted in the ground and then stuck there for our whole existence. WE CAN MOVE!  We can actually move wherever the wind blows us. If you want to pick up a new craft skill, great, try it!  If you want to start a new business venture, awesome sauce, I'll buy whatever you are selling. If you want to start your own blog or podcast, then you have 1 subscriber here! Now it won't be all rainbows and unicorns. In the beginning it will be tough, because even sometimes you will have to look up the definition of a word that is used in a definition of a word. I'm just keeping it real people. But because you tried, you will know.

Lastly, who defines your success? Who is standing there saying, "oh you're a failure because you're not making 15 million dollars a year." Absolutely no one! For example. If you learn to crotchet a blanket, and made just that very thing, but you only made one. Are you a failure? No, you made a blanket! Ta-Da!  Maybe it has weird edges, or the colors didn't quite flow like you imagined. Are you a failure? No, you made a blanket!  You were successful. 


So what is holding you back friend? What are you not willing to try and why? 



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9 months ago

First of all love your blogs ! Fear is a big setback for me . You know I know hair it was always hard to not be intimidated by a new client you have that doesn't know you and your techniques. I have also went on to become licensed in zumba (which you know that ) just because I wanted to tell myself I could do it and because I'm not what a lot of instructors look like . I did my demo and got hired then immediately it was like oh gosh what if they don't like me? Oh course then I went on to get pregnant and have my little girl that is a huge blessing in my life and my family's life. But for a little while I wasn't even trying to teach because mom guilt sets in but what I'm realizing is I love it and I'm a better mom when I teach .I help my current zumba momma in her class so I stay crisp to teach and here lately it becomes more and more on my mind like ok Allison what is holding you back . YOU LOVE TO TEACH JUST DO IT! Maybe one day