I Don't Have To, I Get To

Published on 19 June 2023 at 12:27

 Realizing that I don't have to do anything, but getting to do these everyday things.. is an important step to unlocking the true meaning of having Joy in your everyday life.

So, at my church there is the sweetest lady named Nancy. She has a beautiful talent of writing poems, which often times she will write a poem about whoever strikes her fancy that day. Well about a week ago I was so excited to see that I recieved a cute little card in the mail with her name as the return address. She is a very wise and honest woman who holds no truths back if you ask. So to much my surprise she wrote me poem about how I have so much Joy and how whoever is in the room, they can just feel it. It was so sweet and kind, I found it to be quite encouraging.  I kept that note on my dresser to be a daily reminder that I can make a difference in someone else's life just by my attitude.

So why do I have so much Joy? Is life perfect... absolutely not! Was my life always easy peasy...  again, no where close! 

A couple weeks ago our church Pastor asked the Bible study class, " Who is Christ to you?" Everyone went around the room who wanted to answer and they all gave great and relateable answers. Savior, Friend, Hope, Healer, ect, ect. I loved all the answers yet something was just missing for me. I needed a word that completed the statement. So I went home and pondered about it. Then it came to me and I said to myself, yeah that's it. PURPOSE. Jesus is my purpose. Purpose creates a calming sense in the mundane tasks of life. Purpose gives reasons for the madness of the daily hustle and bustle. Purpose worships the Lord in lowest of lifes valleys and also on the mountian top victories.  So my friends, when you have the peace of purpose it changes your prespective. 

I GET to serve my Husband as his wife, I GET to serve my children as their mother, I GET to workout and run races, I GET serve at our church, all these are  because of who Jesus is. What i'm saying is your attidude changes when your perspective changes.  Life is literally nothing but choices. What to eat, what to wear, doing laundry or watching Netflix. So what will it serve me or anyone else if I begrudgingly went through life. We learn everyday that life is so precious. Our health, our circumstances,and our world can change in a simple blink of an eye. Human nature always takes for granted the everyday things when at any moment it could be gone. So take in these moments. Chose Joy!

I want know what is something you GET to do? 

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Erin Cullers
a year ago

I get to take my great niece and nephew to church on Sunday’s. I pray and believe this will have a lasting impact on their lives. I get to see your smiling face every Sunday morning and like Mrs. Nancy see your shining light.

Pam Thornburg
a year ago

I get to serve along with people like you and Erin at WP. It is not a chore it is my joy and privilege. What a great way to frame everything. I love you!

Regina Jenkins
10 months ago

Meghan you are an awesome individual. You have a sweet spirit and your gift is to bring JOY to many people. You are God sent!